One contract, multiple games providers!

Over 5000 casino games

GrooveGaming’s powerful platform now includes over 5000 casino games made up of a wealth of aggregated content ranging from slots, online casino and live casino, to poker and table games, as well as the new segment added to the platform recently, Real Casino, that operators can access via easy integration to drive player engagement and revenue.

Over 60 games providers in one easy integration.

Groove API
The Power Behind The Groovegaming Brand

GrooveAPI gives instant and easy access to all of GrooveGaming’s inventory all in one go.
The simplest and quickest route to over 5000 games, and to all future games.
Fast integration of game content, payment gateways, plugins, and additional third-party software.
Get into the Groove with GrooveAPI!

24/7 Support
Get any issue resolved fast no matter what day or time it is

Reap the benefits of 24/7 technical and operational support and piggyback on our investment in technology teams and some of the world’s most reliable technology: GrooveGaming has been recognised as one of the ’10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2020′ by IndustryEra, firmly demonstrating that the aggregator’s technology development is being acknowledged not only in the iGaming industry, but also from outside it.

Marketing API
Promotions From All Our Games Partners

Get unrestricted access to the full range of promotions from all our games partners. Also gain access to tournaments, free spins, bonuses and a wealth of promotional tools.

Use our Marketing API to ‘Get Games’, keeping you up-to-date with the latest releases and reports on what’s live and what is not yet uploaded to your casino.

Localized content
Create brand connections on a deeper level

GrooveGaming combines worldwide reach with a localised content approach to optimise for individual markets, expand into new markets, increase revenue from the game portfolio or to adapt to changes in market regulation.

Account management
We Believe Relationships And Service Matter!

GrooveGaming has recruited some of the best casino talent in the industry to build an Account Management team that has its roots in casinos and is steeped in the industry. Our team is dedicated to support you grow your business. When you grow, we grow. That’s the WIN:WIN that cements relationships. Our Account Management team also knows what’s needed, when it’s needed, they come from the industry and understand what their casino counterparts are trying to achieve. All our Account Management time and energy is focused on one thing, being of rapid service to you.

Fast and quick answers that help you to capitalise on any opportunity or convert those opportunities into early revenue. We have broad experience across the market and your dedicated Account Management team is on-hand to help. This multi-lingual team extend your capabilities and enhance your ability to engage with markets.

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